Iverni: A Prehistory of Cork (Book PDF)

Please find here the link to download Iverni: A Prehistory of Cork by Dr. William O’Brien.

We are currently hosting a series of 6 illustrated lectures by Dr. O’Brien of UCC Archaeology and these lectures are based on the chapters of this book. With thanks to Dr. O’Brien for providing us with a free download of his pdf for all lecture goers!

To download this book:
1. Follow this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q75fmzids0og4j6/Iverni%20book%20.pdf?dl=0
2. Dropbox may ask you to create a Dropbox account, ignore this message
3. You can now view the book online
4. If you would like to download the pdf to your computer, simply click download on the top right corner of your screen (you want ‘direct download’).
5. Enjoy the book 🙂

Best wishes,
The St. Peter’s Cork Team

Child Friendly Coffee Times

Whoever said children and hot drinks don’t mix has obviously never been to our child friendly coffee times at St. Peter’s Cork.

With our newly opened cafe in our cultural visitor centre on North Main Street, Cork we wanted to do things a little different by providing a welcoming space for parents and children in the area.

Getting out and about with kids can be tough enough, never mind trying to grab a coffee in a cafe! Luckily in St. Peter’s Cork we have ample space to create a safe play area on soft mats for kids to play on while you, the parents can grab a tea/coffee and treat. Our cafe and visitor centre is also fully accessible for buggies.

We encourage parents of Cork to pop in with their little ones, bring their toys and let them play in full view on a suitable soft mat surface while enjoying some well deserved down time and the chance to catch up with friend and other like minded parents.

Our Child Friendly Coffee Mornings (and afternoon!) will take place every Wednesday from 9am-11am & 2pm-4pm and every Saturday from 10am-11am.

While our space is primarily an exhibition centre it is also a public space for the wonderful people of Cork and beyond to congregate and enjoy. Plus, our exhibitions are tough out and there is very little that can be damaged by little hands :).

Our newly opened cafe is serving some of Cork’s finest coffee beans from local roasters Badger and Dodo and freshly made cakes, scones and treats from Hassett’s Artisan Bakery from the English Market. We also have a private side garden where you can soak up the sun on these lovely Summer days and forget that you are right in the heart Cork city centre.

St. Peter’s Cork is now open 7 days a week, entry is always free and our coffee is always hot!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Cork Historic Spine Walking Tours

Cork Historic Spine Walking Tours by St. Peter’s Cork will commence on Thursday the 7th of June at two slots of 11am and 3pm. These guided tours of Cork’s most historic parts of the city will be led by our enthusiastic and well informed local tour guide. The tours will last approximately 1 hour 45 mins at a leisurely pace taking account of stops to divulge some fascinating historical facts of our fine city, Cork!

Cork Historic Walking Tours

The tour costs only €5 per person and will commence from St. Finbarre’s Cathedral main entrance. The tour will delve into Cork’s beginnings – at St. Finbarre’s Cathedral and Elizabeth Fort, and will visit Nano Nagle place before walking through Cork’s medieval past along the historic spine (North Main Street) and heading up to Shandon, where the tour will finish at Cork’s beloved landmark, the Shandon Bells Tower!

Stops will include:

St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, Elizabeth Fort, Red Abbey, Nano Nagle Place, beamish & Crawford brewery site (South Main Street), Tuckey Street, Bishop Lucey Park (to see the old city wall), Paradise Place, North Main Street, St. Peter’s Cork, Shandon Area (Firkin Crane, Shandon Tower, Butter Exchange).

The tour focuses on giving an overview of Cork’s past – particularly older history (from monastic start, Vikings, Normans), and revealing Cork’s prosperous eras (medieval port town and later trade hub in Shandon). The tour takes in the historic sites at either end of the historic spine as well as a walk along the spine itself.

Duration: 1hr 45mins
Cost: €5 per person

Starting point: St. Finbarre’s Cathedral – main entrance.

Days: Thursdays 11pm and 3pm


Email: info@stpeterscork.ie

Phone 021 4278187

Or contact us on Facebook

Cork’s Newest Cafe Now Open at St. Peter’s Cork

Cork’s newest cafe is housed in our quirky visitor centre located in one of Cork’s oldest standing buildings with the original structure dating back to the 1270’s. What looks like an ancient medieval church from the street opens into a contemporary open plan space housing local art and heritage exhibitions that change on a regular basis throughout the year.

Cork's newest cafe

The newly launched café serves locally roasted coffee beans by expert roasters Badger & Dodo as well as cakes and treats from Cork’s own Hassetts Bakery. Our cafe and visitor centre is open 6 days a week with the entire building closed on Mondays. North Main Street is going through a resurgence in recent years with many new businesses starting up and we at St. Peter’s Cork are doing our best to contribute to developing this historic quarter of the city. We hope that the new café will increase the overall footfall of the area by drawing visitors from far and near to enjoy both quality local culture and coffee.

The café itself is located on the ground floor with ample space for hanging out with friends and plenty of room for parents and their buggies. In the coming weeks we will be introducing family friendly mornings to create a space where parents can relax while their kids play on a soft mat space. The team at St. Peter’s Cork encourage parents to bring their children along for these mornings that will run on Wednesdays from 9am to 11am and Saturday from 10am to 11am to begin with. Keep an eye here and on our active social media pages for more information.

cork's newest cafe

St. Peter’s Cork is a free public heritage exhibition centre and art gallery located along on North Main Street Cork. This popular hub for tourists and locals alike has become a focal point for many community events, public presentations and private social gatherings including weddings in recent years. St. Peter’s Cork is a Cork City Council owned building and operated by facility management company LW Management.

Cork 1918 at St. Peter’s Cork

We are proud to announce that we have expanded and extended our headline exhibition, “A City By The Sea” at St. Peter’s Cork with new “Cork 1918” video content and exhibition panels.

Combining video and exhibition panels, ‘Cork 1918’ offers an insight into the events of 100 years ago when Cork City and its harbour played a pivotal role in winning the First World War for the Allied powers. The heavily fortified harbour had been a cornerstone of British defence in the Northern Atlantic for over 300 years. However, German U-boats had wrought mayhem on ships sailing in and out of the harbour since the start of the war. The torpedo attack on the Lusitania in 1915 killed 1200 people but it was by no means an isolated attack. In 1918, five cargo ships belonging to the City of Cork Steampacket Company were lost to torpedoes, along with nearly 100 men.

Shortly after the US declared war on Germany, a squadron of American naval destroyers arrived in Cork Harbour. By 1918, there were 7,000 American personnel in the neighbourhood, serving under the command of a British admiral. While loud voices bemoaned these American ‘vultures … preying upon the purity of our daughters,’ the US presence did much to help the war effort. Cork Harbour became a central assembly point for vessels sailing under the new Convoy System, by which merchant ships and troop ships sailed together, providing mutual protection against the enemy.

Meanwhile, thousands of men and women from Cork were serving on the battlefronts of Europe and the Middle East as the war with Germany and its allies slowly ground to a halt. Many of the 4000-plus Cork people who died in the war were killed during the Spring Offensive of 1918.

A misguided attempt by the British government to implement military conscription in Ireland led to a powerful alliance of nationalists, trade unions, suffragists and, most notably, the Roman Catholic clergy, who organised a pledge against conscription signed by nearly two million people. The dubious arrest of 150 leading Irish nationalists further played into Sinn Féin’s hand on the eve of a General Election in which the party won 73 of the 105 seats available, including all seven seats in Cork.

As the people of Cork simultaneously wrestled with the deadly Spanish Flu pandemic, Cork republicans like Terence MacSwiney and Michael Collins braced themselves for a war of independence in which Cork City was destined to burn but the fierce spirit of Irish liberty would ultimately triumph.

This exhibition along with all exhibitions at St. Peter’s Cork is free for all to come and enjoy. While on site why not relax with a coffee and cake from our in-house café or enjoy some serenity in our secret garden.

St. Peter’s Cork Venue, the Space for you!

Cork Venue

Since reopening this building as St. Peter’s Cork in 2016 under the operation of LW Management we set a goal of becoming a focal point for culture and heritage events in our Cork Venue.

Over the past two years we have been lucky enough open up our venue to such a wide variety of individuals and groups from Cork and beyond. The interest in our humble venue has been beyond what we ever hoped. Not only have we been privileged enough to host over a hundred cultural and heritage events since early 2016, majority of which have been completely free to the public. But we have also been delighted to provide a unique and dynamic space to many private organisations and individuals for conferences, meetings, staff training, marketing workshops, product launches, fashion shows, designer sales, private parties, Christmas markets to name just a few! Not to mention the many many weddings we have celebrated in our Cork City venue.

We pride ourselves on being adaptable and open to what our client requires.

 “So let me get this right, you’d like to bring in a little truck to serve drinks from?…..Is that all!”

“Oh you want to project the moon and the stars onto the ceiling while you fest medieval style?….Cool, how big do you want the moon?

“Ok, you need a modern yet historic space to cater for 300 people with a DJ & ample space to dance???…. Sounds great! What date would you like!”

We say that St. Peter’s Cork is, a historic building, a modern space. And this is true to not only our physical structure but how we operate! In one week we may hold a history lecture for over two hundred guests, a wedding with a total of four guests, a staff party for a large multinational where they transform our space to resemble a 1960’s decade party or a local artist launching their new exhibition with us. We welcome all clients big and small regardless of the type of events.

So, if you are thinking of holding an event in Cork, why not give us a call and let’s see if our special venue can meet your needs.

Get in touch!

T: 021 4278187

E: info@stpeterscork.ie

Connect with us!

Twitter: @stpeterscork

Facebook: @stpeterscork

Instagram @stpeterscork

Christmas Markets at St. Peter’s Cork


After the very successful Christmas Markets last year we are going to open our doors yet again this year to host quality and varied vendors in our indoor Christmas Markets.

Stalls ranged from vegan delights, wonderful art work, beautiful jewellery, amazing antiques and much much more.

The first planned date is Saturday the 9th of December from 11am-5pm with our doors open from 9:30am for vendor set up.

If you are a vendor and would like to express your interest in this event please contact us via email at info@stpeterscork.ie and we will provide you will all the relevant information.

Join us for a guided tour

St. Peter’s Cork Tours

The team at St Peter’s Cork are now offering guided tours of our current exhibitions and the beautiful 18th century building and courtyards. Included on the tour will be brief look at some of the medieval lane ways of North Main Street to get a visual sense of what the Old walled city of Cork was like over the centuries. With stories from 12th century Ireland to contemporary Cork life our visitors will be entertained along the way by our friendly and informative staff. There is an excellent independent coffee shop at St Peter’s and the venue is stocked with lots of maps and visitor information for events and activities across the city so it’s an ideal starting point for your trip to Cork. The tour will give guests great insight into the City’ colourful history and its unique character as well as background on the current artist exhibiting in St Peter’s Cork on your visit, so whether a tourist or a local there will be lots to take from a guided tour at St Peter’s Cork.
Tours run every Saturday at 12pm and 2pm (subject to availability). Tours can be booked in advance by emailing us at info@stpeterscork.ie, calling us on 021 4278187, or by popping in to book in person.
Tours cost €2.50 per person and all proceeds go towards maintain and updating our current and exhibitions.
History of St. Peter's Cork History of St. Peter's Cork Guided tours Cork

Why YOU should visit Cork

Touring Around the Town

Cork is the perfect city break destination. Easy to get to with Cork Airport just 15 minute drive from the friendly city centre. 2.5 hours from Dublin and just 30 minutes to Kinsale and the start of the Wild Atlantic Way. Below are a couple of reasons why Cork is the ideal location for your next city break, we’ve designed a mini tour for the short-stay visitor as well as a list of highly recommended bars, restaurants and cultural hot spots.

Food glorious Food!

Cork sits at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean nestled in between rolling valleys of excellent farming land. Locally sourced fresh produce is served in abundance throughout the city and there is a great multicultural and contemporary cuisine on offer including arguably the best Japanese restaurant in the country Miyazaki, fabulous vegan and vegetarian Indian food at Ayer’s Café, sumptuous Nepalese cuisine at Thali and the very best of our local produce in the Farmgate Café in the English Market. Pub grub, brunch spots, BBQ joints and excellent contemporary cuisine such as the wonderful Ivory Tower will ensure you’re well fed and energised for city adventuring!

Walking the Historic Spine.

Walk in the footsteps of our medieval ancestors along the Historic Spine. If you just have a couple of hours in our fair city we recommend starting your trip with the beautiful St Anne’s church in Shandon or the impressive 17th century Elizabeth Fort. Both offer a wonderful aerial view of the city, perfect to understand the intricate layout of Cork. Each has its own fascinating history, with guided tours available in the Fort, and the novel opportunity to ring the church bells in St Anne’s. The Historic Spine is a mile long stretch of Old Cork that connects these two iconic buildings. Right in the centre of the spine, on North Main Street sits our visitor attraction the City’s oldest Church- St Peter’s Cork. No longer a religious building, our buzzing venue offers a mixture of local arts and history exhibitions as well as boasting some of the best coffee in town and its very own secret garden! Our friendly staff can offer top touring tips, local recommendations and stock an impressive array of city centre maps, walking trail brochures and much more. At St Anne’s in Shandon there is plenty of neighbouring activities including a tour of the Butter Museum that tells the fascinating story of Cork’s dairy trade, once the world’s largest exporter of quality dairy produce. All along the route of the Spine you’ll be treated to hidden historic gems of 18th century architecture and a nod to the medieval laneways of North Main Street. If that’s not enough hidden behind the quays of the Southside of the river, 5 minutes from Elizabeth Fort sits Nano Nagle Place, a wonderful new exhibition centre that illustrates the life and times of Nano Nagle and an insight into everyday life in Cork during the 18th century. Walking the Historic Spine will give you a great taste of the heritage of the city and it can be done in as little as 90 mins!

Cork City Craic.

It is a well-known fact that Cork has some of the best pubs in Ireland, each with a unique vibe and many boasting live music every night of the week. Check out the The Lee Sessions website for up to date listings of excellent traditional Irish music around the city.  If trad isn’t up your street check out Jazz on Sunday afternoons in the Franciscan Well, Thursday night blues in The Corner House and bluegrass on Tuesdays in the fabulously cosy Callanan’s….or feast on the best of contemporary music at Coughlan’s of Douglas Street, The Cork Opera House or the Triskel Arts Centre(also on the Historic Spine!).

The Lee Sessions.

Arts in the Heart of the City.

On last count the city of Cork boasts 53 Festivals, averaging more than 1 a week! The quantity doesn’t affect quality with the City recently being listed as the number 1 small city in Europe for cultural vibrancy. Fantastic, local festivals such as Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork Jazz Festival, Cork Film Festival, Quarter Block Party, Cork Harbour Festival, Sounds From a Safe Harbour, Dragon of Shandon and the Coal Quay Festival enrich the city and provide excellent entertainment and cultural activities for a diverse audience to enjoy. Search the ever helpful Whazon! Guides for excellent monthly event listings and look out for Cork.ie kiosks around the city that offer multi-lingual event info for Cork (there’s one in the Cork Tourist Office and another in St Peter’s Cork!) Daily staples of Cork culture include the beautiful Everyman Theatre in the Victorian Quarter of Cork, The Crawford Art Gallery on Emmet Place about 5 minutes from St Peter’s Cork, right in the hub of the high street buzz and the visual treat that is the Glucksman Gallery, modernist architecture built on the grounds of historic University College Cork.


The above is just a suggestive sample of what’s in store for those who visit Cork City, Cork is very much an explorers paradise, meander around the pretty streets and you’ll be sure to discover a hidden gem.

Tis the Season….to start thinking about your Christmas party!

Believe it or not the summer is a very busy time for us with Christmas party enquiries at our city centre venue in Cork. It’s the perfect time of year to plan ahead and beat the rush in September and October.

When it comes to Christmas parties there isn’t really a lot of dates on the calendar to choose from to throw a bash for your work team. Finding the right venue that can cater for your capacity and requirements in Cork makes it even tougher.

To make things easier we have broken it down into some key areas you and your team need to address before booking your venue.

1: Location

As the saying goes, “Location, location, location”.

Finding a venue with the perfect location is impossible as you can’t please everyone. Choosing the city centre will mean that the party animals can continue the night away in a nearby club or late bar and the early birds can sneak off in a taxi at a decent hour. Being in Cork city will also provide a natural festive atmosphere and give your night out a little something extra.

2: Capacity

This seems pretty obvious but finding a venue to cater for your party can be trickier than you may think. Many hotels will boast a very large capacity but at the same time book in a number of Christmas parties all at once which dilutes the uniqueness of your company’s experience and often splits the party very early on. At St. Peter’s Cork we have a capacity of 300 and can catering for sit down meals, dancing and much more with the whole venue dedicated to you and your team to ensure the privacy and fun ye are looking for.

3: Requirements

This is where the fun (and sometimes headaches start)! Do you need catering? Drinks (stupid question), DJ, band? Are you planning a sit down meal or finger food? Is there space for all the above plus some space to bust a move or two? Private smoking area?

Now not to toot our own horn too much but, check, check, check, check….and so on 🙂

At St. Peter’s Cork our motto is, our venue is your blank canvas. Last year we had swing dancing parties, sit down medieval banquets, BBQ’s beers and bands, DJ’s and dancing and much more. With the layout and open plan design of our venue we can cater for a huge range of activities and ideas from the party planners and the more creative the better. We work closely with some of the best caterers in Cork who know our venue well, we have a high spec sound system and projection equipment for the technical aspects and we can even roll out the red carpet to give your night the special feel it deserves.

Pop in, email us at info@stpeterscork.ie or give us a call on 021 4278187 to check availability and get a head of the Christmas curve. Follow us on social media to keep in touch and learn more about our energetic and dynamic venue right in Cork city centre.

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