UCC to host ‘CSI 1916’ event

Science, archaeology and history combine in event to commemorate Thomas Kent

Boole IV Lecture Theatre

University College Cork

Thursday 2nd June 2016, 8pm


The Schools of History, Archaeology, and Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences in University College Cork are pleased to announce the hosting of an event that will examine the science behind the recovery and identification of the remains of Thomas Kent, of Castlelyons, county Cork – the only one of the sixteen figures executed after the 1916 Easter Rising for involvement in armed action outside Dublin.

Following his execution on 9 May 1916 in what was then Cork Military Detention Barracks, Thomas Kent’s remains were laid in a grave within the grounds of the facility. Following the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922, control over the barracks was transferred to the new Irish government. Over time uncertainty grew as to the precise location of the grave, uncertainty that was accentuated by the fact that the Military Detention barracks were converted into a civilian prison, thereby preventing free access to the site.

Following the decision to close Cork prison, renewed efforts were made in 2015 to locate the remains, and it is these efforts that form the focus of the event in UCC. Two expert speakers will address the subject from differing perspectives:

Tom Condit is an archaeologist employed by the National Monuments Service of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, and it was he who undertook the archaeological investigations of the site in Cork prison. His talk will address the challenges posed in identifying the probable site of the remains of Thomas Kent – which included the use of different types of geophysical survey techniques – as well as the details of the excavation process itself.

Jens Carlsson is a lecturer in the School of Biology and Environmental Science, University College Dublin, and it was he who undertook the process of verifying that the remains located by the archaeological excavation were, indeed, those of Thomas Kent. In his words, ‘Thomas Kent’s identity was confirmed through genetic analyses. Many have heard about genetic identification methods used by forensic laboratories across the world. However, the Thomas Kent case turned out to be a very challenging task that demanded development of novel genetic identification methods. In this presentation, the detective work and method development needed to confirm the identity of Thomas Kent will be presented.’

The event is free and open to all members of the public who wish to attend. No booking is required.

For further information please contact Gabriel Doherty in the School of History, University College Cork at 021 4902783, g.doherty@ucc.ie

Women of The Rising: Exhibition

Women of the Rising

Exhibition at St. Peter’s Cork.

On the 25th of May the exhibition titled Women of the Rising opened in St. Peter’s on North Main Street, Cork. The exhibition is part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme based on new information from the collections of the Military Archives, the National Cultural Institutions and private collections. This exhibition on the Women of 1916 gives an overview of the events of Easter Week and features some of the 300 women who took part in the Rising. It has been curated by author and historian Sinéad McCoole following extensive research and engagement with the network of national commemoration coordinators in each local authority. The exhibition also draws on a treasure trove of material including:

  • Digitised material from the Military Archives
  • Online source material including censuses, birth, deaths and marriage and other church records
  • Extensive records of the National Cultural Institutions, in particular the National Library and National Museum of Ireland, which have contributed objects, images and documentation which have been brought together in for the first time.

The exhibition will be on display in St. Peter’s Cork from the 25th of May until the 22nd of June and entry is free.

For more information on this and other exhibitions happening in St. Peter’s Cork please visit our events and exhibition section of the website.

Feelgood Friday in Cork & St. Peter’s

Cork Community Gamelan Workshop at St. Peter’s Cork

Friday the 27th of May sees the first “Feelgood Friday’s” in Cork city. Cork will see retailers and businesses in Cork come together to promote the city for Feelgood Friday.

This will be a reoccurring event on the last Friday of every month in an aim to draw visitors into the city to experience the different things our wonderful city has to offer.

The first Feelgood Friday happens Friday the 27th of May from 1-9pm. Come visit the city and enjoy the festival like atmosphere all about.

We at St. Peter’s Cork are very happy to be taking part in this great day and night. From 6-7pm in association with Cork Community Gamelan workshops we will be hosting a free introductory  workshop for adults. The workshop is geared towards complete beginners and will provide an introductory experience at playing a traditional Javanese instrument.

Book your place at HERE

Launch of the Green Ribbon Garden at St. Peter’s Cork

The Green Ribbon Garden is a located on Kyle Street, adjacent to the gates of St. Peter’s Cork. The garden was established to encourage people to talk about mental health. The idea behind this garden project is to create a temporary display garden in the historic heart of Cork City. It was created by the Basement Resource Centre community in partnership with groups from the wider community. The Basement Resource Centre hope that the Green Ribbon Garden will benefit all who see it and provide the community with opportunities to foster a sense of wellness, reduce mental health stigma by raising public awareness and promoting discussion, and create a lovely atmosphere for locals and the public to enjoy as they pass by.

Shine’s Green Ribbon Garden; a multifaceted development project led by the Basement Resource Centre.

  • Co-produced by Basement members and participants from other services such as Rehab Care and Inniscarraig Day Centre.
  • Supported by Cork City Council, See Change, HSE South, and many other organisations and businesses across Cork.
  • Hosting a variety of events for occasions such as World Mental Health Day and Cork’s Quarter Block Party
  • Promoting the stigma reduction messages of See Change’s Green Ribbon Campaign
  • Providing opportunity for creative engagement, experiential learning and community integration.

St. Peter’s Cork will be the venue for the official launch on the 6 th of May, followed by tours of the garden on Kyle Street. St. Peter’s Cork are very happy to be able to host such a worthwhile community project that benefits both people and space in the heart of Cork city. “We look forward to welcoming the Basement Resource Centre and their guests through our gates on Friday the 6 th of May. We would love to see more initiatives like this supported around the city.” Ian O’Leary, St. Peter’s Cork

Fresh blood injected into Cork’s culture and event scene.

Eileen O’Shea hails from the Kingdom of Kerry but has spent much of her working life in London. From 2006-2015 Ms. O’Shea worked with the Everyman Media Group PLC. Holding the title of Operations Manager, she was responsible for various programmes and events for one of the fastest growing chain of boutique arts venues in the UK.Having spent 9 years in the shaping her career in London, the home roots of Ireland began to call. An opportunity to move to Cork arose and she jumped at the chance to join the Cork Film Festival team in 2015 as Festival Projects Manager. Working for Ireland’s longest running film festival she managed the operational production for the Festival programme across 10 different sites in Cork to deliver a 10 day international film festival as well as numerous smaller scale events throughout the year.In 2016, facility management company LeisureWorld were awarded the management contract for St. Peter’s on North Main Street by Cork City Council. St. Peter’s is home to Cork 1916 Centre of Commemoration as well as a venue for private use. The management of LeisureWorld set out to put an experienced team in place to manage the operations of the newest strand to their portfolio.Eileen shone through as the perfect addition to the LeisureWorld team, bringing with her a fresh outlook, an abundance of energy and years of experience in programme and venue management.Since her appointment she has coordinated the successful installation of the main Cork 1916 exhibition for 2016 “Rebellion!” curated by Rachel Abraham, as well as a series of smaller exhibitions and private functions.Eileen and LeisureWorld have big plans for St. Peter’s throughout 2016 and beyond. The vision is to maximise the opportunity in this diverse venue while keeping it as inclusive as possible for all that wish to use it. “I am excited about the scope of St. Peter’s and hope to develop an inclusive and creative platform for individuals, organisations and groups to collaborate, participate and enjoy in the heart of Cork City.” Eileen O’Shea

“Birth of the Irish Republic”

We are thrilled to be able to put this work of art by Dublin artist Robert Ballagh on display in St.Peter’s Cork. The Irish artist born in 1943 has a clearly identifiable and vibrant style which grew from the strong influence of pop art on his work. He is particularly well known for his hype-realistic renderings of well-known Irish literary, historical or establishment figure but also has a distinct skillfor genre art.

The painting titled “Birth of the Irish Republic” which depicts an extremely violent scene in Irish history is balanced by the soft edges and earth tone colours used throughout. The subtle colours act as a catalyst to extenuate the sparse yet rich red colour of blood in this work. St. Peter’s Cork would graciously like to thank Cork Councillor Kenneth Collins in his efforts to get this vivid painting on display inside our walls.