Ukraine: The Cost Of Freedom - Photo Exhibition

Wed 18 May - Mon 30 May 2022

A photo exhibition with unique works of the prominent Ukrainian photographers opens in Cork on May 18. Visitors will get a glimpse of life on the frontline of the devastating war against the Russian aggressor. The people of Ukraine have been resisting the fierce Russian invasion for more than two months. The Russian army has destroyed 20,000 residential buildings, 1,200 schools and kindergartens, and 400 hospitals, killing thousands of civilians and more than 200 children. The largest European country is experiencing atrocities comparable in scale to what was suffered in Europe in World War II. Today, the front line stretches for 580 kilometers where fierce fighting takes place every day. Dozens of towns and villages are under fire every day. Thousands of people live without electricity, water and food, suffering persecutions and even execution. About 5 million Ukrainians have fled the country. Ukraine is fighting for democracy on behalf of all of Europe "Ukraine. The Price of Freedom ”is an exhibition of works by famous Ukrainian photographers, showing the pain and struggle of the people. Destroyed Ukrainian cities, once beautiful and peaceful. These photographers took the photos in combat zones, often at risk of death. The exhibition will be open daily from 10:00 to 4:30, except Sundays. 18th to 30th May.