WE CR:EATE @ St. Peter’s Cork 3rd – 6th October

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4 complete strangers, all artistic creatives living within miles of each other in Cork City, who then all connected through Instagram back in 2018…  each exhibited and showcased their work individually, but saw an opportunity where they could increase their scale, reach out to new people across Cork and celebrate the amazing art that Cork has on offer.

Across painting, craft and photography, this team is offering a beautiful collection that’s sure to cater to a wide range of people’s taste.

 WE CR:EATE will be launched on the 3rd October at 5:30pm which will be free to the public and will  run until Sunday 6th October . This is a great opportunity to discover new talent, explore the beauty and historic walls of St Peter’s, and meet the artists themselves.

Darren Coffey works draws from unguarded moments to multiple exposed scenes to show us what it sometimes concealed in everyday

Jeanette Collins showcases her large-scale paintings which explores thoughts and emotions through abstract and contemporary style

Sheena Yolzari uses her incredible talent to up-cycle vinyl records into one of a kind art works of all shapes and sizes.

Finally, Alan Hurley, will be exhibiting his beautiful pieces where he specialises in portraiture.

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