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Since reopening this building as St. Peter’s Cork in 2016 under the operation of LW Management we set a goal of becoming a focal point for culture and heritage events in our Cork Venue.

Over the past two years we have been lucky enough open up our venue to such a wide variety of individuals and groups from Cork and beyond. The interest in our humble venue has been beyond what we ever hoped. Not only have we been privileged enough to host over a hundred cultural and heritage events since early 2016, majority of which have been completely free to the public. But we have also been delighted to provide a unique and dynamic space to many private organisations and individuals for conferences, meetings, staff training, marketing workshops, product launches, fashion shows, designer sales, private parties, Christmas markets to name just a few! Not to mention the many many weddings we have celebrated in our Cork City venue.

We pride ourselves on being adaptable and open to what our client requires.

 “So let me get this right, you’d like to bring in a little truck to serve drinks from?…..Is that all!”

“Oh you want to project the moon and the stars onto the ceiling while you fest medieval style?….Cool, how big do you want the moon?

“Ok, you need a modern yet historic space to cater for 300 people with a DJ & ample space to dance???…. Sounds great! What date would you like!”

We say that St. Peter’s Cork is, a historic building, a modern space. And this is true to not only our physical structure but how we operate! In one week we may hold a history lecture for over two hundred guests, a wedding with a total of four guests, a staff party for a large multinational where they transform our space to resemble a 1960’s decade party or a local artist launching their new exhibition with us. We welcome all clients big and small regardless of the type of events.

So, if you are thinking of holding an event in Cork, why not give us a call and let’s see if our special venue can meet your needs.

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St Peter’s Cork is managed by LW Management. To find out more visit our website

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St Peter’s Cork is managed by LW Management. To find out more visit our website

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