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Jeanette Collins



8 June 1892 – 26 October 1982

Muriel herself was a fascinating, intriguing and complex figure

Indeed while she is a neglected figure today, in 1920 Muriel was a world famous figure. Huge crowds turned out to greet her when she arrived in the USA in 1920. She would even become the first woman to receive the freedom of New York.

While she would become a militant Irish republican and communist, Muriel’s life had very different origins. She was born in 1892 into an extremely wealthy Cork family and grew up surrounded by wealth and servants. However in 1915 she rejected the life privilege that lay ahead of her. In the following years she would throw herself into the struggle for Irish Independence. In 1920 she would become a central figure in a hunger strike in 1920 that was a pivotal moment in the war of Independence.

Jeanette Collins is an independent Cork Artist and has worked in Cork city for the past number of years.

Originally from Carrigaline, she works on my large art work from her City Centre studio.

She has exhibited many of her works across Cork over the past few years and have collectors across Ireland and Europe.

In her most recent work she showcased her expressive large paintings, where she depicted the mind and emotion through a combination of pop art and contemporary abstract, a theme that runs through most of her work. Her work is mainly created through the acrylic medium, although she does use mixed media on occasion in some pieces (oil, spray, etc.)

Jeanette is also heavily involved in 2 different Cork Art groups, firstly she is a founding member of ‘WECR:EATE’ which involves several different creative individuals across photography, craft, textile and painting and aims at promoting Cork creatives and supporting fellow artists in showcasing their work across the city.

Secondly, she is a member of ‘The Visual Loop’ which is a body that connects artists with businesses and makes art accessible to all through hosting exhibitions, talks and support for the creative community.