Launch of the Green Ribbon Garden at St. Peter’s Cork

The Green Ribbon Garden is a located on Kyle Street, adjacent to the gates of St. Peter’s Cork. The garden was established to encourage people to talk about mental health. The idea behind this garden project is to create a temporary display garden in the historic heart of Cork City. It was created by the Basement Resource Centre community in partnership with groups from the wider community. The Basement Resource Centre hope that the Green Ribbon Garden will benefit all who see it and provide the community with opportunities to foster a sense of wellness, reduce mental health stigma by raising public awareness and promoting discussion, and create a lovely atmosphere for locals and the public to enjoy as they pass by.

Shine’s Green Ribbon Garden; a multifaceted development project led by the Basement Resource Centre.

  • Co-produced by Basement members and participants from other services such as Rehab Care and Inniscarraig Day Centre.
  • Supported by Cork City Council, See Change, HSE South, and many other organisations and businesses across Cork.
  • Hosting a variety of events for occasions such as World Mental Health Day and Cork’s Quarter Block Party
  • Promoting the stigma reduction messages of See Change’s Green Ribbon Campaign
  • Providing opportunity for creative engagement, experiential learning and community integration.

St. Peter’s Cork will be the venue for the official launch on the 6 th of May, followed by tours of the garden on Kyle Street. St. Peter’s Cork are very happy to be able to host such a worthwhile community project that benefits both people and space in the heart of Cork city. “We look forward to welcoming the Basement Resource Centre and their guests through our gates on Friday the 6 th of May. We would love to see more initiatives like this supported around the city.” Ian O’Leary, St. Peter’s Cork

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