Feelgood Friday in Cork & St. Peter’s

Cork Community Gamelan Workshop at St. Peter’s Cork

Friday the 27th of May sees the first “Feelgood Friday’s” in Cork city. Cork will see retailers and businesses in Cork come together to promote the city for Feelgood Friday.

This will be a reoccurring event on the last Friday of every month in an aim to draw visitors into the city to experience the different things our wonderful city has to offer.

The first Feelgood Friday happens Friday the 27th of May from 1-9pm. Come visit the city and enjoy the festival like atmosphere all about.

We at St. Peter’s Cork are very happy to be taking part in this great day and night. From 6-7pm in association with Cork Community Gamelan workshops we will be hosting a free introductory  workshop for adults. The workshop is geared towards complete beginners and will provide an introductory experience at playing a traditional Javanese instrument.

Book your place at HERE

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