WANTED: 2017 Exhibtion Curator at St. Peter’s Cork

Curator for Irish History Exhibition

Centre for Commemoration

@St Peter’s Cork, North Main Street

The Centre of Commemoration is a venue located in St Peter’s Cork on North Main Street in Cork City. In 2016 the centre has been established to mark the 1916 commemoration and hosed a number of exhibitions, talks and performances for the public. The Centre is managed by LeisureWorld Facilities Management and is seeking a curator to devise and develop an exhibition for the centre to be ready for late January 2017. It is anticipated to act as an anchor exhibition throughout the year, making way for temporary touring exhibitions at points throughout 2017.

Role of Curator

The role of the Curator includes the following:

Research and develop content for the Centre’s anchor exhibition. The proposed themes for the exhibition include:

  • 2017: A Year of Preparation (Exhibition 1)
    • US Navy central European base in Cobh during WW1
      • Social impact of this base in Cork city and county.
      • Impact of WW1 to Cork City- numbers involved, economic, political and social impact of WW1 in Cork
    • Reorganisation of Sinn Fein
      • Aftermath of the Easter Rising
      • 1917 Ardfheis
      • Eamon De Valera
    • Willie Redmond
      • Imprisonment with Parnell.
      • Australian and American fundraising.
      • Imperial Hotel speech for serving in WW1
      • WW1 action and legacy
    • Irish Convention, Conscription and Home Rule
      • Global Overview of the goal of the Irish Convention and its ultimate unravelling
      • Effect of conscription in Ireland
      • Home Rule and its role in the Irish Republic
    • Cork City- The People’s History (Exhibition 2)
      • A collection of personal items from the families and businesses of Cork that celebrate moments of great moments in Cork’s history.
      • This exhibition should be a creative and personal celebration of the smaller moments that meant a lot to the people of Cork and should include local history and legend.
      • The overall sense of this exhibition should be a celebration and insider’s view of Cork City based roughly on the focus of Little Museum of Dublin.
    • Programme and display each exhibition in a way that make it accessible and engaging to the general public, both national and international visitors.
    • Design exhibitions that are modular, suitable for touring and meets museum standards.
    • Design exhibitions that are flexible, at points the venue is used for private events, performance and conferences so all features of the exhibition must be easily packed away and re-installed.
    • Collaborating with 1916 Working Group, the venue management team and project partners on content and possible collaborations.
    • Provide a breakdown budget for delivery of each exhibition and manage the same.
    • Procure suppliers for delivery of each exhibition and manage the same.
    • Procure suppliers for delivery of the service e.g. design and print, according to Public Procurement processes.
    • Liaise with the appointed programme manager in the design, hanging and delivery to both exhibitions with agreed timelines.
    • Collaborate with the venue team in the creation of interpretive materials, publicity and public programmes.

Please note the budget for delivery of each exhibition e.g. design/print/installation etc is subject to confirmation.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • A third level qualification in history with a specific appreciation of Irish History
  • Demonstrative curatorial experience
  • Exceptional accuracy and attention to detail coupled with a methodical and organised approach to work.
  • A proven ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team.

Please revert with the following:

  1. PRICE: A lump sum fee for curatorial services as outlined in the brief excluding VAT. Please indicate VAT separately.
  2. QUALITY OF PROPOSAL: Please provide the following information:
    1. Proposed project schedule to deliver project based on timelines outline.
    2. Methodology for delivery.
  • EXPERIENCE: Curriculum Vitae outlining relevant experience, specifically curatorial experience and education qualifications. 

Submissions will be based on the following criteria:

Assessment Criteria Description Marks
PRICE Price is based on procurement guidelines. 40
QUALITY Quality assessment will be based on the following:                                                              (a) Proposed  Project Schedule                       (b) Methodology for Delivery 15                                                                                                                                            15
EXPERIENCE Previous Experience 30

Prior to appointment, the contractor must provide evidence of relevant insurances, both employers and public liability, with indemnification of Cork City Council and LeisureWorld. The minimum level required are €13 million Employer’s Liability and €6.5 million Public Liability. Please confirm that you are in a position to provide these insurances if appointed.


It is necessary for an applicant to have a bank or building society account into which fees can be paid. In addition, the successful candidate shall provide an up to date Tax Clearance Certificate for your company.


All queries and submissions to be sent by email to St Peter’s Programme and Events Manager: eileen@stpeterscork.ie

Or by hard copy to: Eileen O’Shea, Programme and Events Manager, St Peter’s Cork, North Main Street, Cork City.

Please note this role is subject to confirmation of budgets and LeisureWorld reserves the right not to appoint this role if they so wish.

Deadline for receipt of Submissions is on or before 4pm on Friday 28th October.

Quotations received after this deadline will not be considered.


Curatorial Project to begin Friday 4th November 2016.

Curatorial Project to be complete by 30th January 2017





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