National Football Exhibition

St Peter’s Cork is delighted to be working with FAI to host an exhibition on the history of Irish Soccer. The UEFA European Championships are coming to Dublin in 2020 – with four games set to be played at Aviva Stadium! To celebrate, the Football Association of Ireland, Dublin City Council and The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport joined forces to create a National Football Exhibition.

The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday 9th March and will run until March 23rd. Join us in the only Cork venue of the tour and take in the exhibition before it travels to other destinations around Ireland throughout 2019 and 2020.

There’s  free access to anyone interested in learning about 60 years of the tournament. Call into us and relive some golden Irish footballing memories! We can’t wait to discover rare memorabilia, programmes, jerseys & artefacts, and have fun with the interactive stations & photobooth.

St Peter’s Exhibition is made up of six zones, with each zone designed to give you an overview of the various different aspects of football in Ireland.  Learn about the impact this has around the country, looking at some of your favourite National and International moments. Relive some of the most iconic moments over the last 60 years of the EUROs! The zones will be made up of memorabilia displays and interactive stations with videos, quizzes and an opportunity to step up to the mic and record your own commentary.

Download the National Football Exhibition App now ahead of your visit.


Come on you Boys in Green!


Opening Times:

Sunday and Monday: 11am-3pm

Tuesday-Friday: 11am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm.

SPACES – Art Exhibition

St Peter’s Cork is delighted to present 3 local artists’ work in our Mezzanine Gallery this month.

The Three Sample Artist that have one thing in common: It’s their search and exploration of SPACE as an expression of interest in a two-dimensional approach to concepts, techniques, and other artistry on the surface space of canvas or other fine art materials.

Join us on Thursday 7th March for the official  opening of SPACES at 5.30pm The exhibition continues until 28th March.


For more information on each artist please find their biographies below.


Artists Bio

Norah Porter

“After my BA in Visual Communications I worked for a number of London and Dublin
design studios and then facilitated art workshops for children but gradually I realised I
missed the tactile satisfaction of making my own work. Over the past few years I have
developed my studio practice, painting mainly with oils and cold wax.
My work is abstract in composition and is strongly influenced by the Irish landscape. The
unpredictable changes of the Irish weather, the play of light and colour are a constant
source of inspiration for me.
I work on a series of paintings at the same time and each piece begins intuitively with
the memory or significance of a time or place in mind. As the layers build the work starts
to engage, that point when I have to read the clues it’s giving me. Towards the end, the
pace slows; changes become more considered and colours are refined so the painting
keeps its energy. This is no quick fix – it’s a lifetime’s work to explore and build a
personal creative voice and I’m thrilled when this also excites others”

Edith Cosgrove

“I am a practicing visual artist and member of Sample Studios, Cork, with my own studio space in Ring, Co. Waterford. I have work in collections in Ireland, USA, UK, New Zealand and have exhibited in Cork, Dublin, London and New York.  I am the mother of three daughters, and a community medical doctor. My work is deeply informed by my medical practice. My professional experience has trained me to see beyond the surface appearances to a critical assessment of underlying patterns and systems. My work explores the tension between colour and texture and hence between appearances and underlying structures.”

Pat Donlon: Horizon Pathway and Emerging Shapes

“My work explores colour and forms on a flat plane where rectangles squares of various
configurations and dimensions reflect the arrangement and placement of horizontal
and vertical liner elements. While connect these components upon the surface space a
rhythm and abstract pattern emerges.
There is an interactive and philosophical approach that is essential to the creative
process while a critical concern evolves to the principals of design and the visual
aesthetic through the formation and intuitive execution of my compositions through
space and time.
Colour combinations using gouache acrylic and other mixed medium artistry.
Techniques like layering, scumbling and glazing give a sense of space and depth over
the working surface. These concepts are works in progress.”



Match Attax Event!

Join us on Saturday 23rd Feb 2019 3pm – 5pm for a MATCH ATTAX event!

Where? St. Peter’s Cork, North Main Street

When? 3-5pm, Saturday 23rd February

There will be Match Attax game tables set up so players can play against each other for fun.
Swap and trade cards at the designated swap stations!
There will be some colouring sheets and some cartoons/videos playing to entertain other kids not swapping.
The café will be open for coffees, teas and treats until 4.45pm.

This is not an official Match Attax event, and St Peters is providing the venue to allow people gather and have fun with their Match Attax.
We hope to organise some fun games on the day, depending on numbers hold a small tournament using the Match Attax cards, with a small donation for entry to cover the cost of small prizes for all players.
We will welcome adults getting involved at the event in making it as much fun for all (and maybe to help referee the mini tournament if needed).

Please spread the word as the more people swapping or playing matches the better for all.

North Main street multi storey car park is the nearest public car park.

Creating Autism Exhibition

Creating Autism is our February exhibition displaying in our mezzanine gallery!

Creating Autism is an exhibition of images and words by Stuart Neilson exploring the processes that shape autistic identity and the portrayal of autism in our shared language, media and public spaces. The exhibition runs from the 3rd -27th February.

Launch Evening

All are welcome to join the official launch evening of the event. The launch night is Thursday 7th February from 6pm and includes a panel discussion on the night. The discussion is facilitated by Tom Ryan (Counsellor, Aspect) and features Megan Goodale (Occupational Therapy Manager, CUH), Gill Harold (Applied Social Studies, UCC), Katerina Karanika (Autism Consultant), Danielle Sheehy (Artist) and Stuart Neilson (Lecturer and Writer). Check out the Facebook event page at:

Quarter Block Party Events

We will also be hosting a discussion around the exhibition on Saturday 9th February at 3pm as part of the Arts Festival Quarter Block Party. The focus of the discussion will be around ‘What is autistic identity?’. Facebook event page:

To book a place at any of the events and for complementary information for the exhibit, head to this webpage:

Additional Resources

For a video exploring the Creating Autism exhibit and each of the pieces, follow this link:

To view the exhibition commentary brochure (PDF), please see

Create: The Art of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Our first art exhibition of 2019 is CREATE: The Art of Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond.

This exhibition is a collaboration between the HRB Clinical Network Trial and the INFANT Centre, Cork, two important national research centres. CREATE is a free art exhibition on pregnancy and newborn journeys, the people who make them, and the research that impacts them.

The exhibition will run from 12th January to 27th January. Local breastfeeding groups in particular are invited to meet in the Gallery and take in the exhibition.

Join us for the official launch evening on Thursday 17th from 6-7pm with refreshments on arrival and speeches at 6.30pm.

A Prehistory of Cork: Public Talks by Dr William O’Brien UCC


New Archaeology Lecture Series 

Early last year, Dr William O’Brien designed a series of lectures with colleagues from UCC called the Origins of Cork. Last year’s series were hugely popular, and looked at a broad selection of historic periods in Cork. We loved hosting the events here in St Peter’s and we are delighted that Dr. O’Brien will be returning here in Jan and Feb 2019 to personally deliver six lectures based on life in early Cork.

Join us in January and February for a series of talks offered free to the public by the Department of Archaeology, University College Cork.

A Prehistory of Cork:

Our illustrated lectures will provide a general introduction to the prehistory of Cork and will discuss objects, monuments and landscapes that date from 8000 years of human settlement prior to the arrival of Christianity in the fifth century AD. The aim is to provide an appreciation of the wealth of prehistoric archaeology in the Cork region, and the opportunities that exist for the public to enjoy this shared heritage.

Lecture Schedule:

These one-hour talks will be held at 5.30pm and on the following evenings at St Peters Church, North Main Street:

  • Tues 22nd January: The Age of Stone: early foragers and farmers (8000–2500 BC)
  • Tues 29th January: The Age of Copper: first metalworkers (2500–2000 BC)
  • Tues 5th February: The Age of Bronze: settlement and economy (2000–600 BC)
  • Wed 13th February: Death and religion in the Bronze Age (2000–600 BC)
  • Wed 20th February: Warfare and society in the later Bronze Age (1200–600 BC)
  • Wed 27th February: The Age of Iron: ‘Celts’ and Romans (600 BC–400 AD)
  • The talks will follow the layout of a general book that is available for further reading:

William O’Brien 2012. Iverni: a Prehistory of Cork. Collins Press, Cork.

For a pdf copy of this book, please follow this link and download the pdf. Enjoy!


A City by the Sea

‘Cork has been pivotal to the history of Ireland for a thousand years but the city and harbour also have astonishingly strong connections to the history of the wider world. In the medieval age, ships were constantly rolling into the harbour from France, Portugal and Spain. Then came the Tudor explorers en route to the New World, or Algerian pirates dragging unfortunate captives back to the old one. By the 18th century the city had the utterly vital role of provisioning the ships of the British Empire in times of war. That carried on into the First World War when the harbour was absolutely key to preventing this part of the world from being conquered by the German Navy. Add in all the tales of emigrants and smugglers, shipwrecks and fishermen, and you fetch up with an incredibly rich and diverse story that I have thoroughly enjoyed researching.’- Turtle Bunbury, Curator of A City by the Sea

Set amid the marshlands of the River Lee, Cork has been a maritime hub since records began. This exhibition depicts Cork’s history in a dynamic, thought provoking and often humorous manner that can be enjoyed by all ages. The exhibition is a collection of maps, paintings, original photographs and short stories to take the visitor on a journey through Cork’s rich and varied history with the harbour and the River Lee.

We have also included a room devoted to the fascinating history of St Peter’s Cork, where a church has stood since the 13th century, right in the heart of the medieval walled-town of Cork. Completed in 1788, and de-consecrated in 1949, the present building was bought by Cork City Council in 1988. The Council restored the building to its present excellent condition. .

A City by the Sea will be St. Peter’s Cork’s headline exhibition for 2018 and we will also feature a number of smaller local and national exhibitions throughout the year.

About Turtle Bunbury

Turtle has written over 13 books on Irish history and several hundred published historical articles. He has a strong reputation for providing credible and accessible history. He has been closely involved with the very popular EPIC Ireland, an interactive visitor experience in Dublin as well as the History Festival of Ireland which he curated. For more information on Turtle visit: He and the team at The Hidden Story hope you enjoy A City by the Sea.