An Alternative Wedding Venue in Cork

Are you looking for an alternative wedding venue in Cork? Are you someone that likes to break the mold and do things your way? FiAlternative wedding venue corknding an alternative venue is one thing, finding one that has a marriage license is another thing to consider. At St. Peter’s Cork not only are we a change from the norm and a proud alternative & unique setting but we also hold our marriage license.

Our rates start from €400 for a ceremony for 4 to 300 guests. We have a dedicated team that can help you plan your day and make sure every detail is how you want. But we have also worked with couples that want to take our and create something that is special to them by putting their own stamp on the occasion, we love this too! Contact us and we would love to show you around our space, have a coffee and chat about how you vision your day going.

A wedding ceremony should showcase what you are about and celebrate you as a couple. We believe that our special venue and it’s city centre location in Cork can give your day the wow factor you want. Cork is a thriving city with some amazing hotels nearby. Many of our couples have gotten married with us and then chosen one of the many wonderful hotels nearby to host their reception. As well as being full of legends, Cork is also home to some of Ireland’s best restaurants. If you’re having a less traditional smaller wedding then why not book out a nearby restaurant within walking distance after your ceremony.

While the world is changing and less and less people want a classic church wedding, many are still tied to tradition either through their families or maybe a partners preference. In our alternative wedding venue in Cork we believe you will find a happy medium. What appears as a medieval church from the outside becomes a contemporary and alternative space on the inside.

Fancy something a little more than just a ceremony? St. Peter’s Cork is perfectly equipped to hold your reception and continue the party in style. We work with many amazing catering specialist in Cork that can design and deliver a package exactly to your taste. With our gated entrance, secret garden and ample room for dancing, it’s the ideal venue to continue the celebrations and party with your loved ones.

Whoever you are and what ever your interests are, pick a venue that is true to you. If you are an alternative person then find a venue that represents you. You didn’t settle on your partner and you shouldn’t settle on a wedding venue 😉

A Hoy There Cork!

We are currently working with the team at The Hidden Story to create a new exhibition for March 2017 that will explore the maritime history of our wonderful city and the important role that both Cork Harbour and the River Lee have played in shaping its character.

One of the walls in our exhibition is dedicated to the People of Cork. We want this to be an exhibition ‘OF THE CITY, FROM THE CITY’ and so we are calling on YOU to donate any documents or artifacts you have that might tie in with our nautical theme.

Whether it’s a letter from a sailor to his sweetheart, an old map or photograph, an advertisement for one of the Merchant Princes, a menu from the Titanic or Lusitania, a telegram, a ticket or a straight-up maritime oddity … if it connects Cork and the sea we would love to hear from you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The exhibition opens in March and we wouldn’t want you to miss the boat!

So please get in touch with us at or (021) 427 8187, tell us what you have and we’ll aim to include it in our Nautical Wall