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stpeters cork


Date: Jan 1 to May 2017

Place: On the ground floor

Tickets: Free Entry

During 2016 St. Peter’s will be home to the Rebellion! exhibition curated by Rachel Abraham which explores the people and organisations that went beyond the ideals of an Irish Republic and laid the foundations for its reality. It places the Rising in context by outlining the issues of the time, e.g. home rule and the outbreak of World War One. In addition, despite the fact that the Rising would not and could not succeed, this exhibition will show why its effects have been so far-reaching that we still remember those individual men and women today.
The panels on the wall outline the people, organisations and events that played a part in the birth of the Rising. It has been estimated that 485 people lost their lives during the Rising. The columns in the middle of the church give a glimpse at the number of people who may have been over-shadowed by the death of the 16 patriots. They also detail a few of the Irishmen who were fighting in the Great War as events in Dublin unfolded. Beneath the balcony is a selection of contemporary documents. There is also a brief biography on each of the seven signatories of the Proclamation and also Thomas Kent.

Rebellion! has been our central exhibition since February 2016 as we were honoured to host the Centre of Commemoration for the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising on behalf of Cork City Council.


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