Forest: Exhibition by Hammond Journeaux

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stpeters cork

Forest: Exhibition by Hammond Journeaux

Date: 6th - 30th July

Place: St Peter's Cork

Tickets: Free Entry

St Peter’s is thrilled to be welcoming Hammond Journeaux to exhibit her most recent work, Forest. Hammond last displayed work in he venue in 2012 and we are delighted to be hosting a full exhibition of her latest work.

    About Forest by the Artist

The vision for Forest is an ambitious one, paying Homage to the Tree. In an exciting and innovative way, through collaboration. A soundscape, collection of visual artworks and poetry. An exploration of ideas and findings arising out of a gathering of trees from the real to the imagined and abstraction into symbolism while appealing to the exhibition space.

As a visual artist through collaboration, l have enriched the sensory experience of Forest. And provided for portraiture its place, that of the collaborators and abstractions from the stimulus of sound and poetic words. My avenue of trees from observation to imagination attained out of drawings on the forest floor in Chinese ink to studio completion with pastels.

Camilla Griehsel and l met some years ago and proposed to work on a project together, which now has become Forest. Griehse’s soundscape builds from the space before words giving expression to Forest. The trees caught in sunlight forming shadows amongst themselves, playing into
Imagination. Along with the vocals of deforestation stimulating thoughts torn from the soil. She also sings the words out of the mouth of the poet, and those inspired by the visual art works that resonate within her.

Through a mutual friend l became acquainted with Carl Sennhenn’s (pictured) work and requested poetry for Forest. In his own handwriting, Sennhenn provides fruitfully. Some of poems stand-alone while others are spoken for in artworks and soundscapes.

The design of the exhibition space dictates isolated areas were aspects of Forest can be experienced. These off shoots contain works that hold empathy, like the Tree of knowledge series of boxes. The soft trunks hanging as a movable forest for a boundary between the avenue Tree series and dividing the main hall showing a separate exhibition.

You’re welcomed to Forest and encouraged to tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree.

About the Artist
Hammond Journeaux, painter and illustrator, was born in 1964 in New Zealand. She was selected for the Whose Day Book, 1999. She represented Ireland European City of Culture, Cork, 2005.

She has exhibited images inspired by “The Lament of Art O’Laoghaire”, permission granted by Thomas Kinsella, which lead to a series entitled “RedHorses”. She designed the cover of Shop Poetry Magazine Spring 2000, from which followed her “Blue Bulls” sequence of work.

Hammond has exhibited in Germany, Spain, England, and New Zealand, and specialises in collaborating with writers and poets.This has lead to numerous literary magazine contributions Aquarius, Southword, and Force 10, and book covers for Carcarnet Publishing House including:

“The Sound of Light” 1999, “The Return of the Cranes” 2002,
John Heath Stubbs and Gallery Press
‘Homage to Gaia” 2008, Sextus and Cynthia” 2009,
Derek Mahon and Souvenir Press,
“The Little People of Ireland” 2008, Aine Conor,
“Listening to One Language” 2010 Sue Toole.

Hammond is available for commissioned work.

Forest will officially launch on 6th July. Doors open from 5.30pm and all are welcome.


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